9-week Course with Reactive Partner Drills


A more steady course of solid drills to increase speed, agility and strength with the addition of reactive and partner drills.  Geared toward building faster response times that are necessary in almost all sports, our partner and reactive drills will prepare you for greater performance on the court and field!




Our 9-week course is our flagship course as it focuses on all four aspects of and athlete’s development – speed, agility, strength and reaction. This course is exactly the same as our 5-week solo program plus an additional 4 weeks of reactive drills.  Over the course of 5 weeks, you will be focusing on spring mechanics, plyometrics, agility and strength. During the last four weeks, this program switches from the physical aspect of performance and focuses on mental reaction – a critical component of any sport. By increasing your physical reaction to a visual cue, you will become a much better performer on game day. Get faster, stronger and quicker today!


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