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Speed.Strength.Agility Forums Public Forum What do you hope to get out of these courses the most? Reply To: What do you hope to get out of these courses the most?

  • Lance06

    March 20, 2024 at 5:08 pm

    Simply put, to improve on my skills. I’ve done some training, but mostly on my own or whatever I had to do in school for football and all that. I want to increase all of it, speed especially, as I played a mix of wideout and safety in high school football. Strength for tackling would be nice, but for me it’s about the speed and agility. For the most part at least. And hey, if it improves upon my strength, even better.

    Cool! Yeah strength is my major thing. I need to gain muscle too, so I might do some weight training on the side of the courses.

    Strength for me mostly. But the speed and agility aspects are nice too. idk, maybe my agility could be better, but I like to think my speed is fairly decent as it is.

    I have okay speed and agility, or so I like to think. These courses should improve it all. I can’t wait to see the differences after the 9 week course.