• 13 Lessons

    5-Week Solo Course

    The perfect course to increase your speed, strength and agility in just 5 weeks.  This is an accelerated course for kids, teens and adults that can be completely done alone with a smartphone, tablet or computer!

  • 17 Lessons

    9-Week Course w/Reactive Drills

    Our 9-week course is our flagship course as it focuses on all four aspects of and athlete's development - speed, agility, strength and reaction. This course is exactly the same as our 5-week solo program plus an additional 4 weeks of reactive drills.  You will also get a Speed & Agility kit mailed to you with cones, a ladder and hurdles!  During the first 5 weeks, you will be focusing on sprint mechanics, plyometrics, agility and strength. During the last four weeks, this program switches from the physical aspect of performance and focuses on mental reaction - a critical component of any sport. By increasing your physical reaction to a visual cue, you will become a much better performer on game day. Get faster, stronger and quicker today!
  • 1 Lesson

    Dynamic Warm-up


    Before every game, performance or practice, it is imperative that your body is properly prepared for the rigorous workout it is about to participate in. The dynamic warmup will properly stretch and warm up critical muscle groups to help prevent injury and have your body perform at its best!